You Don’t Have to be Rich to Adopt Debt-Free

How YOU can make your adoption dream come true without going into debt

Adopt Without Debt by Julie Gumm


A brand new version of the book titled “You Can Adopt Without Debt” (3x the content) is being released from Abingdon Press in Jan 2015. Read more about that here.

Adoption can be expensive! While adopting from the foster care system is virtually free, families pursuing international or domestic infant adoption are faced with costs from $20,000 – $50,000.

Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption shows you how budgeting, grants and creative fundraising can help you fulfill your adoption dream without signing away your financial freedom.

This isn’t just theory.

We did it.

Other people are doing it.

You can do it.

Real life stories from more than 30 adoptive families share $80,000 worth of creative fundraising ideas.

Learn how a Karaoke Night raised over $1,300 and how a garage sale can net $4,000 for your adoption fund.

I receive calls on my show all the time about how you have to go into debt to adopt. Julie Gumm is living proof and a testament to the fact you can adopt without ANY debt. I highly recommend reading “Adopt Without Debt” if you are considering adoption.

DAVE RAMSEY, Best-selling author, national speaker and nationally syndicated talk radio host

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