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That exciting news I alluded to…

So in my Christmas blog post I alluded to the fact that 2014 was going to be an exciting year. I should know better. No less than a dozen people have asked me if we’re adopting again.

I refer you back to this post, on why it’s okay to just adopt once.

The news has to do with my book.

When I wrote Adopt Without Debt almost 3 years ago I went straight to self-publishing. I thought it was too niche to appeal to a traditional publisher. I thought I’d sell a few hundred copies, be able to say “I wrote a book” and help other families find hope for funding their adoption.

And then God just blew my tiny, narrow plan out of the water.

First there was the Dave Ramsey interview (life highlight, thank you Dave!), great endorsements, speaking at orphan care conferences…and NEVER underestimate word-of-mouth marketing.

The book has sold over 3,000 copies.

So I began to wonder if maybe a publisher WOULD be interested? I began to feel like I’d reached the peak of my marketing on my own and knew that a publisher would have the power to reach some markets I couldn’t. Not because I expect to make it rich (any writer knows better) but because I want more families to know that THERE IS A WAY!

And, if I’m to be completely honest, fear of rejection probably kept me from pursuing this the first time around. But in the last year I’ve been surrounded by an online community of dreamers (inspired by Jon Acuff’s book Start) who helped me realize that the voices in my head were stupid…and wrong.

So through a series of God-orchestrated circumstances I found an literary agent, Blythe Daniel, who took the time to read the book and meet with me. From the beginning she believed in the project and guided me in what I would need to do next. (Make it longer & write a formal book proposal.)

So after a LONG process I am thrilled to announce that I have signed a contract to publish You Can Adopt Without Debt with Nashville-based Abingdon Press!


The new book is almost 3 times as long as the original and includes a broad overview on adoption – the different types, the process, and the costs. The first version of the book was written as an “add-on.” Someone who was already in the process and knew what route they were taking bought it specifically for fundraising ideas.

The new version covers the different types of adoption and their costs, what to expect from the process and other general adoption info. It’s more of a one-stop shop.

Plus I’ve been able to add a ton of great content that has come up in conversations with adoptive families during the last 3 years. Questions like tax implications of fundraisers and information on the adoption tax credit are now included.

And the ideas? Well some are the same, but there’s a ton of new ones too. New ideas collected on this journey from you guys!

Now, the only downside to this is that the current version of Adopt Without Debt is coming off the shelves. When Amazon is out and my personal inventory is out, it’s out. Abingdon will release the new version in January 2015.

Of course my blog is still here, my Pinterest board, etc. I still be finding ideas and sharing them, allowing families to guest post about their experiences etc.

If you want to get your hands on some of the last remaining copies of AWD – go here. I’m even offering a special of 2 books for $22 with FREE SHIPPING. One for you and one to giveaway. (Or you can purchase one for $12, shipping included.)

I couldn’t have done it without all of the wonderful families who given me feedback, shared their stories, and shared their hearts. Thank you!


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  1. I’m so happy for you – congratulations!

    I wish it were coming out NOW though!! :) We don’t know where to start! I guess that’s not totally true, we’re going to an Adoption 101 workshop at Catholic Charities on Monday. But it’s still so confusing and overwhelming – I’m so happy you’ll be helping families navigate getting started!!

  2. Congratulations, Julie! That is fantastic news; your book is going to bless many families.

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